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Why can't the data cable be charged for a long time?


As mobile devices, traditional mobile phones and tablets are inseparable from data cables and chargers, but no matter how new or good things are, they will inevitably be damaged, and electronic devices and their accessories will also age. Take the data cable as an example, no matter how "kindly" you use it, problems will inevitably occur over time.

So what are these problems and how to solve them? To sum up the following points:

1. The number of plugging and unplugging of the data line reaches or exceeds the design number. The design life of early USB interface plugging and unplugging was hundreds of times, and now it can reach thousands of times. The problem that the interface is prone to is that the plug reed is in poor contact, so it cannot be charged. If you pay more attention to maintenance when you usually use it, then the service life should be extended, otherwise it is better to buy a few spares as soon as possible. 

2. The bending of the wire body causes fatigue of the copper core and other materials, and is prone to breakage and other phenomena, resulting in the inability to charge. This condition is most likely to occur where the wires are habitually bent, or near the plug.

3. If the plug is corroded, you can try to wipe it with alcohol cotton to relieve the urgent need.

Here are some suggestions when buying a data cable: When buying a data cable, check whether it is the same brand as your electronic device; whether there is an anti-counterfeiting mark; whether the packaging is in good condition; try whether it can be powered on.

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