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What you need to know when choosing a mobile phone fast charging data cable?


Due to the unstable current provided by the data cable of the mobile phone, it is likely to damage the management chip in the mobile phone that is responsible for controlling the charging voltage, power button, and USB functions. In an era when fast charging is so popular, if you accidentally choose a charging cable of poor quality, it will inevitably lead to potential safety hazards. If you want to buy a reliable spare data cable for your fast-charging mobile phone in the near future, the following suggestions are best to look at.

Nowadays, the USB charging ports of Android are basically unified, but each manufacturer will still have some subtle differences when making adaptations. Take fast charging as an example. Usually, we may not see it when we use a data cable for charging, but when looking at a mobile phone equipped with fast charging, we can feel the subtle difference. Only when charging with a low-quality, high-quality data cable will there be a particularly big difference, which will damage the mobile phone in mild cases and cause fire accidents in serious cases.

Buy fast charging data cables produced by regular manufacturers and well-known manufacturers

Generally, the fast charging data cables produced by regular manufacturers have better compatibility, and the quality is worthy of our trust. The universal data cable produced by Huawei can support the fast charging mode of Huawei, Xiaomi, LeTV, Meizu and other mobile phones, and the feedback from netizens who have purchased it is good, there is no quality problem, and the fast charging speed can also be comparable to the original line. .

Best suggestion: buy the original line of the corresponding mobile phone directly

In fact, we can find original USB data cables that support fast charging in the official malls of major mobile phone manufacturers. The price is much cheaper than Apple's original Lightning cables that cost more than 100 yuan, so why not choose the original ones?

If possible, it is also recommended to buy the original flash charging adapter to use together. Although the third-party adapter has a slight price advantage, in order to be compatible with more mobile phones, the adaptation is definitely not as good as the original one. So the most assured way is to choose the original charging accessories, just remember not to choose the wrong model.

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