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What is headphone noise, and how can you solve the noise problem?


After purchasing the headphones, people discover that there is an additional "buzzing" disturbance in the headphones that is annoying in addition to the music. People are sometimes drawn to that annoying buzzing sound, and they are unable to appreciate the music at all, affecting the real listening experience. So, what exactly is it? Bottom noise refers to the buzzing sound in the backdrop. Background noise, also known as noise in addition to the signal, refers to the overall noise in the electroacoustic system. Excessive background noise is not only annoying, but it also drowns out the more detailed portions of the sound, reducing the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range and lowering the quality of the reproduced sound.

Why is there background noise?

Dial and play equipment

Because there will be a current signal stream inside the gadget when it is turned on. And there will be a lot of signal interference during this process, resulting in a faint and subtle noise. This current flow string is primarily because we use portable devices, primarily smartphones or smart devices, to listen to the audio while web browsing and so on. Because these devices include wireless Internet access, it is simple to increase signal interference as a consequence. Bottom noise interfering with sound will be more severe if the quality of the components in the device or circuit design is generally poor.

The problem with the headset book

If your headphones are high-sensitivity, low-impedance headphones, then the bottom noise will become larger. The original should be used to resolve music with high resolution at the same time, but incidentally, the original has a very weak bottom noise to amplify. If the headphones originally had a lot of bottom noise, then it is worse, and the effect will be more serious.

Unclean sound source

In addition to the two reasons mentioned above, the use of unclean audio sources is also likely to have background noise. Most of the bottom noise of the audio source is the result of the user downloading the lower bit rate files provided online, or in the transcription of vinyl or CD without prior preparation, the bottom noise will be transcribed at the same time, and then the actual listening will be able to hear a lot of bottom noise.

So how do we improve the noise problem?

1. The headphones will be replaced by another device to dial and play to confirm that the problem is the playback device or headphones. If the headphones are placed on another device without making any noise, it means that the sound card or socket of the playback device has a problem and you have to repair or replace the sound card.

2. Try a headset with lower sensitivity and higher impedance.

3. If you are using high-sensitivity and low-impedance headphones, you can try a higher-impedance adapter or plug to suppress the noise. It is recommended to buy headphones before using your equipment to test for more security.

4. If you are using a smartphone to dial songs, try to avoid connecting to the Internet or browsing the web while listening to music.

5. It is recommended that when you download music, you choose a well-known domestic music-sharing platform. Most of the digital music files downloaded through regular channels are in high-quality formats (Wav, Flac, DSD, etc.), with good sound quality, sufficient detail restoration, and no bottom noise affecting the actual listening experience!

6. If the problem is the headset itself, it is recommended to take it to the original factory for testing and repair.

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