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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless bluetooth headphones?


There are more and more electronic devices that can be connected to earphones. If bluetooth earphones are to be more popular, compatibility is a problem that must be solved. Now many bluetooth headsets can support bluetooth devices of different systems such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops, so there is no need to worry about the situation that they cannot be used because of different interfaces.

Apart from these advantages of wireless bluetooth headset, its defects are also very objective.

1. The main disadvantage of wireless bluetooth headsets is that the problem of bandwidth leads to a relatively low transmission rate. 

The high-quality aptx technology can transmit 300kps audio signals, and sony's ldac technology can transmit 900kps audio signals, which can reach the lossless standard. If the file signal bit rate used when listening to music is 256kps, there is not much problem listening to bluetooth headphones with aptx and ldac technology. If it is a cheap bluetooth headset, the bit rate of the signal transmitted may be relatively low, and it will not reach the high-quality or lossless standard, which will reduce the quality of listening to music.

2. wireless bluetooth headsets are different from traditional analog wired headsets. 

The wireless bluetooth headset transmits digital signals. It is necessary to add a decoding chip to the bluetooth headset to convert the digital signal into an analog signal, and then amplify it and output it to the speaker. Therefore, the quality of the bluetooth headset depends on the quality of the decoding chip.

3. Wireless bluetooth headsets require batteries to support their devices and decoding modules, so the battery life of bluetooth headsets is short. 

Bluetooth headsets need their own batteries. In order to pursue light weight, the battery capacity of general communication wireless bluetooth headsets is relatively small. Many low-end models can only talk continuously for 4 to 7 hours and stand by for 5 to 7 days. The bluetooth headset specially used for listening to music will increase the battery life a lot because of its large appearance.

4. The sound quality of wireless bluetooth earphones is worse than that of wired earphones of the same price and type. 

First of all, because the bluetooth headset is complicated in structure and high in production cost, and secondly, in terms of transmission, the wired method is more direct and has less interference.

The above problems are all obstacles that hinder the improvement of the quality of wireless bluetooth headsets, but the development of science and technology will always bring unexpected new technologies to deal with the contradictions in various fields.

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