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TWS Headphones



In the growing trend of modern audio systems, True wireless earphones (TWS) have emerged as a successful category of wireless devices as it provides us with the true freedom of not being tied down by wires. It not only provides the user with a hassle-free interface of being connected via Bluetooth, but also enhances the quality of experience by extending the True wireless experience to wireless charging.

TWS Bluetooth Earphones differ from its counterparts as it refrains from using any wires at all and utilises the concept of TWS+ for inter-connection within the earphones. Wireless earphones give users the flexibility and freedom to work more efficiently while travelling, running, jogging or to enjoy unlimited sports making the longest range movements possible while working out without getting tangled in the wires. The wireless charging battery case allows the device to be completely charged to about 5-6 cycles of usage generally and each cycle provides about 5 hours of playtime.

What is True Wireless?

"Wireless" earphones refer to a device that doesn’t need access to the phone. Wireless earphones fall into three categories: wireless earphones connected via a neckband, wireless on-ear headphones, and wireless over-ear headphones.

But in the case of "wireless" earphones, the earpieces are connected to each other with a cable in some way, whether it be over the head or around the neck.

Instead, "true wireless" earphones lack a cable or connector between earpieces.


True wireless is a technology that ensures you are not tangled in wires while enjoying the activities that you love. It can make users' lives easier and more convenient, anywhere or anytime.

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