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Tips on How to Select A Good Data Cable


Now,in the saturated market, how to select a good mobile phone data cable?How to differentiate what kind of data cable can charge your phone and transfer data in a faster speed? How to select one which is of high build quality and has longer life? This article is the solution which grants you the useful tips. Just read on.

Take Notice of AWG Number on A Data Cable

The most effective way to rapidly determine if a charging and data cable is equipped with fast charging and data transfer speeds is to look for the AWG number on the cable. Every charging and data cable has a label with its AWG number. The term "American Wire Gauge," abbreviated as "AWG," refers to a standardized wire gauge system that describes the thickness of the internal wires that go into charging and data cables. The charging efficiency of a data cable is determined by its current charging capacity.Here's how it works:

The Lower the AWG Number, the Faster the Charging Speed

The gauge number describes the wire thickness of a data cable. The wires get thinner as the gauge increases. In contrast, thicker wires are produced when the gauge is lower. Lower current charging capacity and, thus, slower charging speed are caused by thinner cables with higher AWG numbers. Conversely, thicker wires are produced when the AWG is lower. The current charging capacity is larger, the charging pace is faster, and the cables are thicker.This is due to the fact that thicker and lower-gauge wires are clearly constructed with more materials and can thus carry more current—charging will proceed more quickly. Additionally, bigger cables contribute to lower electrical resistance, which enables faster charging.In general, a data cable's charging speed increases with decreasing AWG.Choose a data cable on which there is a smaller AWG number.

Generally speaking, a standard data cable is 28 AWG capable of carrying 0.5A current. However, 28AWG charger cable is considered slow charging for high-end mobile phones. Thus, the recommended cable AWG for phones is 24AWG or less which handles up to 2A current or more.

Take the Length of A Data Cable into Account

The length of a data cable has an impact on whether it is qualified or not. Try to choose a lengthy data cable when you're shopping. This is due to the poor user experience caused by shorter cords not being able to reach your computer's USB port or power outlet. The charging efficiency is nevertheless also impacted by the length of a data wire. The speed of charging decreases with wire length. This is due to the fact that longer data cables increase electrical resistance, which results in current loss. Therefore, charging your phone will take longer when using a longer data cable. In order to avoid choosing a data cable that is excessively long, consider one that is somewhat long. The typical length is 1.5 meters. Try to acquire one.

Check the Appearance of A Data Cable

While selecting a data cable, take notice of the appearance such as the surface, the material, the thickness as well as the connectors. The following are the merits that the appearance of a good data cable should have:

Thicker internal wires which enhance charging capacity;

The aluminum foil shield and metal woven mesh which ensures the stability;

The surface is not smooth;

The interface shell of the two ends connectors are injection molding and there is no welded joints;

On the interface, there are thicker gold plating connectors which which improves stability and lifetime.

Select A Reliable Branded Data Cable

Always attempt to find and choose a trusted, branded data cable for your mobile phone, if at all feasible. Although branded data cables are more expensive than unbranded ones, they are more dependable and certified because they contribute to faster charging and data transmission rates, improved stability, and longer usable lifetimes. Because of this, branded data cables are almost always made of thicker, better wires. Cheaper, unbranded products have a higher chance of damaging your phone's battery.


Overall, always keep in mind that a decent and qualified phone data cable must have the ability to efficiently charge, a high quality of use and stability, as well as a long lifespan.Now, with the tips in mind, select the right data cable for your mobile phone and enjoy the benefits it give you. Hope you enjoy this guide.

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