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Several important factors to pay attention to when choosing a gaming headset



Generally speaking, sounds above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage. However, most earphones on the market do not set the maximum decibel that the user can choose. Therefore, during the game, skill release or sudden high-decibel sound in the scene can easily cause hearing damage.

Therefore, when choosing a gaming headset, in addition to choosing the headset with the highest decibel limit, you can also choose to turn on the subtitles when playing video games, and then turn down the volume. Even if the sound decibel is not enough for you to hear clearly, it will not affect the letters at all. Gaming experience. Of course, setting the sound of the game can also solve the problem of sudden increase in sound.


The size of the headset determines the wearing comfort to a large extent, and the gaming headset is usually worn for a long time, so the size and comfort of the gaming headset is also an option that needs careful consideration. 

At present, headphones on the market are divided into in-ear, head-mounted and rear-mounted.

For over-the-ear and rear-mounted headphones, too small size will cause ear discomfort or even pain, and large size is prone to slipping off frequently. For in-ear headphones, you need to consider whether it will cause pain and other discomfort when plugged into the ear.

In addition, the noise canceling effect and ventilation performance of the earphones also need to be considered.

Selling price

Due to the different market positioning, the price of game headsets is high and low, so it is also necessary to choose a cost-effective headset according to personal needs.

In-ear headphones are fairly portable, but there's no guarantee of quality or durability. Headphones, on the other hand, can achieve a longer lifespan and have much better noise cancellation, of course, but at a relatively high price.

However, high-priced headsets usually come with some features that are not usually used. Gamers should choose the headset that suits them according to their actual needs.

Service life

Because the earphone often needs to be unplugged and plugged, the wire end is easy to be pulled off, so the wire end can be wrapped in use to improve the use time of the earphone.

Therefore, when choosing headphones, do you prioritize sound quality or noise reduction and sound insulation? In-ear or head-mounted, rear-mounted and other styles? After considering these questions, the choice is simple.

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