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Is the charging speed of the mobile phone determined by the charging connector or the data cable?


The relationship between charging speed and charging connector:

When charging a mobile phone, the charging connector determines the voltage and current, the maximum output power, and the maximum charging power that can be provided to the mobile phone. The original or big brand charging connectors will be marked with voltage and current output parameters.

For example, if your mobile phone supports 4.5v/5a, that is, 22.5w charging, and the charging connector you use is a 5v/1a charging head, the maximum output of charging the mobile phone can only be 5w, and the charging speed is naturally much slower. 

How does the data cable affect the charging speed?

The data cable connects the mobile phone and the charging connector, and is mainly responsible for the transmission of current. The quality and wire performance of the data cable determine the level of loss during current transmission.

The wires of the data cable are the components that affect the charging speed. Generally speaking, there are 4 wires, and more than usb3.0. The thicker the wire, the more current it can carry and the faster it charges. 

In addition, the length of the data cable also affects the charging speed. Generally, the standard data cable of a mobile phone is 1 meter, but we may choose a longer data cable for our own convenience.

But in theory, the shorter the data cable, the smaller the wire loss and the faster the charging speed.

The fast charging protocol is equally important.

The realization of the fast charging effect also requires the fast charging protocol to be consistent. Each mobile phone manufacturer has its own fast charging solution, and the fast charging protocols of different brands of mobile phones are also different.

In addition to pd fast charging and qc 3.0 fast charging, there are also huawei's super fast charging protocol, oppo's vooc flash charging, and more.The compatibility of the protocol determines whether the charger can charge the mobile phone, and the adaptability of the power determines the speed of charging.For example, using a 40w pd fast charger to charge iphone 8 or above devices cannot achieve 40w because the device supports a maximum of 18w; and using an 18w qc fast charger to charge an iphone also cannot achieve 18w, because apple does not support qc fast charging.

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