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How to Pick the Right Charger for Your Smartphone?


It's not difficult to pick the best charger for your phone. Having stated that, we'll go through in this piece what to look for in a charger. We'll go through the items below and explain why choosing the best phone charger depends on them.

Charging Port

Buy a charger whose port corresponds with your phone’s port. And, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Older Android phones had a micro USB connector, whereas the newest devices have USB-C ports. On the other side, Apple phones have a Lightning port. Using adapters like the USB-C to Lightning adapter or cable, you can also charge Apple devices.

Everything about charging ports comes down to the kind of wire the port can accommodate. To put it another way, you can always charge many devices at once using a charger with multiple ports that support various wire types.

Smartphone Output (W)

To understand power output, we need to look at two things first:

Voltage (V)

The voltage offered by the finest charger should be the same as that of your smartphone. While 5V has long been the standard, emerging technologies like Qualcomm can produce 9 to 12V. The majority of 9/12V chargers can recognize non-Qualcomm smartphones and instantly change to 5V. In essence, this implies that older cellphones rated at 5 volts may be charged with a 9 or 12 volt charger.

Amperage (A)

A charger may charge your smartphone more quickly the higher its amperage rating. Even when utilizing a high-amperage charger, certain smartphones have a maximum amount of electricity they can support. Make sure the phone charger you choose has a voltage rating of at least 2 A while shopping.

With that out of the way, let’s now talk about power output (W).

You must first multiply the voltage by the amperage to determine the power output. In essence, this suggests that a charger's power output increases with its voltage and amperage. For instance, a charger rated at 5V/2A can generate 10W of total power, whereas a charger rated at 9V/2A can output 18W of total power. You should choose a charger that matches the wattage of your smartphone, which is typically between 18 and 65 watts for the most recent models.

Quick Charging

Of course, a charger that allows fast charging is preferable. However, you must confirm that your smartphone is capable of quick charging as well.So, before in invest in a fast charger, make sure:

Your smartphone is compatible with fast chargers.You know your phone’s fast charging protocol.Your cable can support fast charging.

Fast Charging Protocols

The quick charging protocol is a technique that enables quick charging, as its name indicates. The Power Delivery or Quick Charger protocols are used by the majority of cellphones. But there are additional brand-specific guidelines. Warp Charge is employed by companies like OnePlus, for example. Make sure the phone charger you choose supports the same fast charging standard as your smartphone.

Charging for Multiple Devices

The ideal charge needs to have several outputs. You may charge many gadgets simultaneously in this manner. However, in order to accomplish simultaneous rapid charging, you must ensure that such a charger can handle high power.

In relation to that, here is a great faster charger with three USB-C and one USB-A charging ports to allow charging numerous devices. It has a stunning 100-watt power output.


When purchasing a new phone charger, brand counts. Your ideal charger should be produced by a respected third-party charger manufacturer. Why is this crucial? Reputable manufacturers produce high-quality chargers that have passed stringent reliability and performance tests. Additionally, trusted manufacturers produce chargers that adhere to international certifications like CE, RoHS, etc.

The Bottom Line

It becomes rather simple to choose a charger that matches your needs if you know what to look for in one. No matter your spending limit or the charging capabilities of your smartphone, following the advice given here will guarantee that you get the most for your money. Always keep in mind that a cheap charger might harm the battery in your phone, costing you more in the long run.

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