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How to judge whether the charging data cable needs to be replaced?


1. Check the appearance for damage

If the surface rubber peels off and the inner wire is exposed

Don't make do with this kind of charging data cable

2. Check for poor contact during charging

When charging, it is necessary to observe whether there is a situation of "not charging". If you feel that the charging is intermittent or the power has not changed for a long time, you need to forcefully insert the charging interface to display "charging". Such a charging data cable also needs to be replace early

3. Check whether there is overheating at the charging interface

If overheating occurs at the charging interface of the terminal, the charging plug, and the battery area of the mobile phone during charging, it is best to replace such a charging data cable in time.

The safety hazards of using old and damaged charging data cables are far more than these. Long-term use may also damage the internal mechanism of the mobile phone, damage the life of the mobile phone, and the corrosion resistance of the terminal interface will deteriorate. In severe cases, the charging data cable may be damaged. Burn the interface directly. Another point to note is that even if the data cable is successfully repaired according to the online tutorial, these security risks will still exist. Therefore, it is very important to choose a regular, suitable charging data cable.

How to choose?

Looking at it, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the three aspects of the appearance, the response speed of the mobile phone when charging, and the charging success rate. Remember! When replacing the mobile phone charging data cable, don't just try to be cheap! It is best to use the charging data cable that comes standard with the mobile phone. When faced with the need for multiple charging data cables, you must also choose high-quality products that meet standards and professional certification.

Finally, I would like to remind you again that charging your mobile phone is no trivial matter. You must choose an appropriate charging data cable that meets safety standards. In addition, it is best not to charge in a hot or cold environment, by the bedside or pillow, and it is best not to play with your phone while charging. Prevent hidden dangers and ensure safety. Let's start small together!

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