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How to choose a durable data cable?


You may be confused. You are using the data cable normally, why is it so easy to break? Did you buy a bad data cable?

Now there are data lines for sale on many platforms, and there are so many choices that it is difficult to choose. So, what kind of data line is a good data line?

How to choose the data cable

If you want to make the data cable durable, you have to look at the material. Different data cables on the market have differences in terms of wire material, design, and specifications.

According to the survey, most of the data cables on the market are made of PVC, TPE and nylon. Let's analyze the performance characteristics of these three materials.

PVC material

It has the characteristics of non-flammability, high hardness, weather resistance and high stability. However, the process of PVC synthesis requires the addition of a large number of additives, which may release toxic substances, which may endanger human health during use.

TPE material

That is, plastic, which has good elasticity and toughness. The discarded TPE material can be recycled. At present, most of the original data cables of mobile phones are made of TPE material, but the durability is obvious to all. Like Apple's original data cables, the packaging skin often appears. phenomenon of rupture.

Nylon material

Not easy to tear, very strong, strong, anti-winding, exquisite appearance, but the brand is mixed, you must carefully identify the product when buying the product to see if the product has 3C safety certification

The thicker the inside, the safer

The data cable is composed of the inner wire of the data cable and the outer insulating skin. The thicker the inner core wire is, the more stable and safe the performance is during the charging process. Generally, there will be no overheating during charging, which can reduce the occurrence of accidents. probability. A good-quality data cable will also add a layer of aluminum foil shielding layer and outer quilt to make the charging and transmission process more stable. However, since the inner core of the data cable cannot be seen directly by the naked eye, when purchasing, you can try to choose a data cable with a thicker wire diameter and ask whether it has a shielding layer.

Fast or slow charging is important

Some people may have doubts: Why is the charging still so slow with the fast charging head I use?

In this case, you can first check whether your mobile phone supports fast charging, and then check whether your data line is fast charging or slow charging. Charging is divided into fast charging and ordinary charging, and fast charging is divided into high-voltage fast charging and low-voltage fast charging. Similar to oppo and OnePlus, low-voltage fast charging, even the data cable must be specially made, so the price of fast charging cable is relatively common. line is a bit more expensive.

Multiple connectors are more convenient

It's also annoying to carry multiple cables at the same time if you own multiple electronic devices at the same time. Now multi-connector data cables are also popular, and only one data cable can charge multiple electronic devices, but the safety performance of multi-interface is definitely not as high as that of single-interface, so it is not recommended to use it for a long time.

The data cable is a consumable item, and it is impossible to use it for a lifetime. If you want a spare data cable, it is recommended to buy the original one. Although it is more expensive than the ordinary one, it is recommended to buy it by type: 1 Super durable + 1 fast charge + 1 multi-interface data cable, this combination is a perfect match.

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