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How to Charge Your Smartphone Faster


The slow charging of smartphones and the fast use of electricity are almost the pain of all phone users. It is anxious that when they are going out but their phone is not fully charged. Some brand manufacturers have introduced a fast charge function, which can solve the fast charge problem for some people. If there is no fast charge function, the following tips can also speed up the charging.

Shutdown Your Phone Before Recharge

Smartphone screens and gaming applications consume the most power. In addition, running programs, communications, and information synchronization in the background consumes a lot of power. Android phone shutdown charging can minimize power consumption and speed up charging.

Turn on Flight Mode

It is not possible to speed up the charging by shutting down iPhones, because it automatically turns on as long as the charging line is connected. At this time, you can turn on the iPhone's flight mode, interrupt all communication, and turn off the mobile phone background running program, which can greatly improve the charging efficiency. This trick is also available for Android phones if you don't want to turn off the phone.

Use Original Charger

Using the original charger instead of the third-party charger can guarantee the charging speed and safety. Using the original charger to the mobile phone through the socket is the most suitable charging method.

Remove the Phone Case

Most mobile phones use lithium batteries, which are prone to heat during the charging process. Both the phone case and the phone case can affect the heat dissipation performance of the phone. The silicone phone case may also emit harmful substances when heated. Therefore, it is best to take off the phone case when charging, which many people can't think of.

Use a Qualified Third-party Power Adapter

If you are not using the original charger, be sure to purchase a qualified third-party power adapter, paying particular attention to the quality of the USB cable. Too cheap USB cables are so thin that they cannot safely transfer enough power from the charger to the phone.

Smartphone charging precautions

When the temperature is too high or too low, the charging and discharging efficiency will decrease, and the most efficient charging temperature is 22 °C.

The current used by the computer to charge the mobile phone by USB is low and unstable. It is best not to use this charging method.

When charging, the power of the mobile phone should not be lower than 10%, which can protect the battery and extend the life of the mobile phone.

It is best not to call the mobile phone when charging, so as to protect the mobile phone and avoid accidents.

In general, the impact of charging speed efficiency is nothing more than power consumption, temperature and current. Remember these simple tips can not only effectively increase the charging speed, but also protect the phone battery and extend the life of the mobile phone.

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