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Headphones or Earbuds?


Listening to music can be better with headphones or earbuds? We will explain exactly what the advantages of both options are. Do you find it hard to make a choice? No problem, because our decision aid will help you out. You will soon be able to enjoy music the way you want to.

Headphones-Over-ear and in-ear

Do you perfer to use Over-ear Headphones or In-ear Earphones in life or work?

Over-ear headphones are relatively big, but their larger speakers are better able to reduce outside noise. Do you like extra-large speakers that completely surround the ear? Then over-ear models are perfect for you. In-ear headphones are just a bit smaller and are placed comfortably on the ear. It's up to you to decide which model you like best.

In addition, many headphones are equipped with useful extras, such as noise cancelling. You'll be able to work in absolute silence, always and everywhere. Is it important for you to have freedom of movement when listening to music? Then consider choosing a wireless model that works via Bluetooth.


Earbuds are a lot smaller than headphones. However, this doesn't mean that you have to compromise on sound quality. On the contrary, a good earbud can easily match the sound quality of headphones. Here's another benefit - you can hardly feel (and see) them. Most models are placed in the ear, but there are also so-called in-ear models available too. The name says it all these earbuds really enter your ear canal, and therefore stay in place really well.

Do you want to always have your music in your pocket? Then earbuds are the best choice for you, because thanks to their small size they can fit in any bag and pocket. Make life even easier by choosing true wireless earbuds. They don't have a cable to untangle and connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

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