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Future headphone market size


With the introduction of conceptual headphones such as Beats and Airpods to the market, headphones with thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan have gradually been accepted by users. According to the data, with the continuous upgrading of global headphone production technology and materials and the development of the smart product market, the global headphone market is expected to reach US$10.58 billion in 2023. With the steady growth of global headphone shipments, the headphone industry is gradually upgrading, mainly as wireless headphones replace wired headphones, the proportion of Bluetooth headphones increases, and headphones are becoming more intelligent.

What is the market trend of the true wireless earphone industry? The true wireless earphone market is growing rapidly

True wireless earphones (that is, wirelessly connected to a phone without a cable between the two earphones) saw a surge in shipments in the last quarter. In the third quarter of 2019, the global real headphone market reached 33 million units ($4.1 billion), an increase of 22% quarter-on-quarter.

Geographically, the U.S. accounted for 31% of global market sales and surpassed 10 million units for the first time in a single quarter. China has expanded significantly, growing 44% sequentially in the third quarter.

Globally, Apple accounted for 53% of sales in the true wireless earphone category last quarter. It's just that the number is now down to 45%. From more than half to less than half, but still a lot of volume.

Chinese brand Xiaomi has a 9% market share in the true wireless earphone category, taking second place, mainly due to the huge increase in sales in the Chinese market, and their Redmi Airdots are a product around $20. Samsung, one of Apple's main rivals in the smartphone space, also makes true wireless earphones, but with only 6 percent of the market, it ranks third.

The wireless earphone industry research report mainly analyzes the market size of the wireless earphone industry, the supply and demand of the wireless earphone market, the competition of the wireless earphone market, the operation of the main wireless earphone enterprises, the market share of the main enterprises in the wireless earphone market, and the market share of the wireless earphone industry. make scientific predictions about the future development.

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