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Future development trend of bone conduction headset


Advances in Bluetooth and related technologies have driven the era of wireless Bluetooth audio products, providing users with a more convenient user experience and gradually gaining market recognition. Bluetooth headsets, smart speakers, and other audio products have ushered in a rapid growth phase.

Bone conduction headsets as a very important classification in the current Bluetooth headset market, with an open-wearing experience, different from the traditional headset listening experience, currently mainly focused on the sports headset market. But the development of bone conduction headsets will not only be so, according to its characteristics of the advantages but in the future will gradually be applied to many fields.

1. Bone conduction hearing headphones

Bone conduction headphones use bone conduction oscillators to transmit sound directly to the auditory nerve so that it bypasses the human ear eardrum. Bone conduction headphones can collect the surrounding sound through the participation of other devices, and then output to the user through bone conduction, which can help some people with damaged eardrums and aging eardrums to better receive external information and achieve the function of a hearing aid.

2. Bone conduction headphones for children

For children, the development of the Internet has made it easier to receive education, but also so the number of children using headphones is also increasing rapidly. But because children's body structure is still in the developmental stage, the eardrum is more susceptible to external stimulation and damage. Bone conduction headphones open the wearing and listening experience, but can effectively avoid in-ear headphones for children's hearing may cause the impact, to help children grow up more healthy.

3. Bone conduction customer service, takeaway special headphones

The advantages of bone conduction headphones are ideal for use in some occupations. Take-out riders are the busiest group of people at meal times, shuttling on busy roads, to achieve maximum efficiency, take-out riders need to communicate with businesses and users in real-time, bone conduction headphones open listening experience, which can be very good to help them in the process of talking while being informed of the surrounding security information.

Customer service staff is the busiest occupation of the ear every day, need to make a full day of voice calls. Bone conduction headset spread the sound in a way to effectively protect the operator's hearing, to prevent damage to long calls.

4. Other

In addition to the above advantages, bone conduction headphones can meet different people, and different scenarios, but also the way audio solutions combined with other products such as intelligent AR/VR/MR glasses, smart helmets, diving equipment, etc., to create a more comfortable and safe listening experience.

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