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Do you need to be vigilant when the charging connector is hot when charging?


With the continuous increase of charging power, the heating of the charging connector has also attracted the attention of many consumers. Is it normal for the charging connector to heat up when charging a smartphone?

The first stage, slight heat

This is reasonable for low-power chargers, because the charging connector will generate heat when it is working; under normal circumstances, the higher the power of the charging connector, the higher the heat generation, of course this has a certain relationship with the technology of major manufacturers, but the heat generation of chargers with relatively low power is also relatively low; for example, the heat generation of 5w chargers is relatively small, if the heat generation of 5w chargers is very high, then you need to pay attention, this charger may have some safety hazards.

The second stage is hot

This usually occurs on the charging connector that supports fast charging technology. For example, the 20w pd charging head currently used on the market is relatively low when charging devices such as iphone12, iphone11 pro max, and ipad mini 5. It's hot, but it's not "Hot to the hand" Yet, so there's nothing wrong with it.

The third stage, hot hands

When this happens, it may be that the components inside the charging connector are aging, so the internal heat generation will be relatively high, and there is a certain safety hazard at this time; it may also be that some components in the charging connector appear fault, although it can still be charged, but the danger is still relatively high, the editor does not recommend continuing to use this charging connector.

To sum up, there is basically no risk with the slightly hot charging connector, and the phenomenon that the charging connector is hot is generally when fast charging is in progress. As for the hot charging head, there is a high probability that there is a problem.

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