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Do you know the difference between active and passive noise cancelling?


Active noise cancellation is the technology described above, where microphones and speakers work together to reduce or remove background noises. It was originally only found in larger over-the ear headphones that could contain the hardware required for the technology , but never models have made it possible for active noise-cancelling technology to be built into in-ear headphones.

Passive noise cancelling works differently.This uses specially designed hardware such as ear cups and seals to simply seal out the background noise. A little like earmuffs, this essentially inhibits the sound waves from reaching your eardrums. It is not usually as effective as active noise cancellation but certainly has its benefits.

Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of noise cancelling headphones?

As we know, each type of headphone has pros and cons, and the same goes for noise cancelling headphones in the market.

First of all, Advantages: The powerful reduction capability enables users to have a quiet experience in al noisy environment. Although different technologies and models of noise cancelling headphones have different capabilities, they are generally better than ordinary headphones. High wearing comfort. Ordinary headphones often need to design earplug or earmuffs for noise reduction, which will affect the wearing experience. Because the noise-cancelling headphones use active noise reduction, they are not prone to discomfort when worn for a long time.

In addition, Disadvantages: The price is expensive. Noise -cancelling headphones of the same level are much more expensive than ordinary headphones, and the higher the level, the more expensive. The sound quality is relatively poor. At the same level, the sound quality of ordinary headphones will be relatively better than that of noise-cancelling headphones. Heavy weight and poor battery life. Since noise-cancelling headphones generally have a built-in battery, they basically need to be charged every day.

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