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Do you know how to correctly wear over-ear headphones?


An over-ear headphone blocks out external noise and produces a full and clear sound, is lightweight, and is portable. People frequently complain about the size of the earphones, the lack of bass, and the fact that the earphones frequently fall out. This is not a problem with headphones, but the majority of people do not know how to use them properly. It is critical to understand how to wear over-ear headphones correctly.

Over-ear headphones are used differently than non-over-ear headphones. While non-over-ear headphones are worn between the ear and the external ear canal, over-ear headphones must be inserted into the ear canal, similar to how a wine cork seals the ear canal. When it is not properly plugged in, the sound is affected, particularly the low frequencies, and a lot of noise is heard.

A suitable method must be used to place over-ear headphones in the ear canal. Insert the earmuff into your ear, push it inward slightly, and fully expand it with your hand. This allows you to close the ear canal. When wearing the left earphone, grab the left earlobe with your right hand and pull it down to widen the ear canal; then, using your index finger, gently push the ear tip further into the ear canal, stopping at the seal; finally, release the earlobe, the ear canal returns to its original state, and the over-ear headphones are worn as well. The same is true for the right ear.

Over-ear headphones are extremely loud, and you should reduce the volume slightly to hear the bass more clearly. Furthermore, enhanced sound effects enable users to easily immerse themselves in their own world. To achieve the best seal, it is critical to find the best earmuffs. Over-ear headphones typically come with ear tips in a variety of sizes and materials, such as rubber tips and foam tips. Try on the medium rubber boots first, then the small, and finally the large. Smaller rubber boots can sometimes provide a more comfortable seal. If rubber sleeves are insufficient, use foam sleeves.

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