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Gaming Headset


Headphones are personal audio and their choice is naturally a personal matter, no one person's experience can be extrapolated. The purpose of the headphones, the time and place where they will be used, your own preferences and the sound quality of the headphones are all things to consider when choosing the right pair of headphones for you.

With the in-depth development of the game industry, many game products are growing vigorously along with the "e-sports" and "sports" mentality among young people, and the team of game players is constantly growing. Under this trend, the PC peripheral market with a keen sense of smell has also rapidly expanded its product line refinement, and the main functional products such as positioning and high-definition are developing well.

Future trends in gaming headsets


Logitech's latest G930 gaming headset is a wireless product, I personally experienced this headset at Logitech's new launch, I think it is very accurate positioning in Counter-Strike 1.6 game, the sound is also very clear and no noise, the most worth mentioning is that this headset is easy to wear without wires, and will not be bothered by too many too long headset wires.

2. Multi-element

Still this G930 wireless gaming headset from Logitech has 7.1 channel surround sound with advanced DOLBY technology to provide accurate sound field positioning information and it also has 3 programmable G-buttons, so many elements designed to be a future trend in gaming headsets.

The future development trend of gaming peripherals is roughly divided into several points such as wireless, personality and multiple elements. If wireless gaming peripherals solve the problem of power consumption, I believe wireless gaming peripherals will become the favourite of more gamers.

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