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8 things to look for when buying a new USB cable


Device compatibility

Even though they aren't part of the "branded ecosystem" of cables, many different brands of USB can be used safely. Make sure the cable you select is appropriate for your gadgets. Have you reviewed the requirements?

The metal piece that fits into the charging port is called the connection. Type-A, Type-B, Type-C, Micro-B, Mini-B, and Lightning (Apple) connections are the most often used kinds. If in doubt, look up the connection that your gadget uses on Google.

There are several varieties of USB charging cables with various connections, including mini USB, micro USB, USB C, and more. A modular cable is an excellent choice if you have several devices with various ports because you just need one cable to connect your phone, laptop, e-reader, headphones, and speakers.

Charging power

Make sure your USB cable can offer adequate power if you intend to use it to charge gadgets like your phone or laptop. To make sure the cable you select has the appropriate power supply capabilities, check the specs of your devices. For most gadgets, 60 W is plenty. Power Delivery (PD), a technique that enables even quicker charging up to 240 W, is a common feature of modern cables.

Data Transfer Speed

The majority of the time, USB 2.0 is fast enough. There are many USB cable speeds. Blue USB 3.0 cables are easily recognized. If you're a videographer who needs a quick transfer speed for your 4K footage, make sure to pick a cable with a higher speed rating.Most data cables like HDMI are currently being replaced with USB.

Cable Length

The cable's length must be taken into account. Make sure the cable you select has the length you want. For desk usage and nighttime phone charging, 1.2 meters should be plenty. If you know your power outlet is far away, you might wish to travel for longer or bring a charger with an extension cable.


The less damage our devices do to the environment, the longer they operate. A high-quality USB cable needs to be constructed solidly and from long-lasting materials. To guarantee they can endure repeated usage, look for cables that are built to last and have design features like braiding and bend guards.


If you're intending to invest in a long life item, it's always worth looking out for brands that offer a guarantee or warranty. That way, you’re covered if anything goes wrong.


The cost of USB cables might vary. After determining your budget, choose a cable that gives you the features and specs you want at a price you can afford. Keep in mind that when you buy cheap, you buy twice! Cheap cables have poor construction and frequently break. They are more likely to shatter if they only contain a single layer of plastic and no "bend protectors." A balance between price and quality is important. Keep in mind that your devices are better for the environment the longer they last.

Sustainability credentials

Electronics have an influence on climate change due to their high carbon footprint and potential for environmental harm, including deforestation from metal mining and e-waste.

One-third of us identify as belief-driven consumers. Our purchasing decisions are becoming more and more influenced by environmental concerns, ethics, and social effects. What concrete ways does the company you're buying from lessen its impact on the environment and the workers who make the products? Verify it.

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