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A Brief Description of TWS Earbuds


You may have noticed a change in the personal audio industry in recent years. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds are the wireless alternative to conventional corded earphones that are rapidly replacing them.

With millions of units sold in just the first quarter of 2022, you don't need to look far to discover how popular they are. It's understandable why people are talking about these cutting-edge, practical gadgets featuring real wireless stereo technology.

What Are TWS Earbuds?

You've come to the right place if you're inquisitive about TWS earphones. True Wireless Stereo, or TWS, refers to the fact that these earphones are made to offer a smooth, wire-free listening experience. TWS earbuds don't have any physical connections between the earpieces and the device they connect to, unlike conventional corded earphones.

There are a few distinctive qualities of TWS earphones that set them apart. They first connect to your device via Bluetooth, making it simple to link them with a laptop, tablet, or phone.

Additionally, you may enjoy genuine stereo music without wires getting in the way because each earbud has a secure connection.

You can use voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant and make calls using these earbuds, which frequently include built-in microphones. This makes TWS earphones quite practical for people who are constantly on the road but still want to stay connected.

Additionally, you can listen to music without having to bother with tangled connections or big over-ear headphones, thanks to genuine wireless technology. TWS earbuds also come in a variety of styles to suit your preferences and level of comfort.

You can choose between an on-ear or in-ear option for a more comfortable fit or a less distracting listening experience. Each person can find a pair of TWS earbuds that fits them thanks to their variety of sizes and forms.

Major Characteristics of TWS Earbuds

To ensure a fantastic listening experience, pay close attention to a few crucial elements while looking at TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds. Here is a quick list of the crucial characteristics to consider:

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How Long Should Headphones Last?


One of the best tools you may use for both personal and business requirements is a pair of headphones. You can buy pricey headphones to record music or launch a podcast, or you can use regular wireless headphones to listen to your favorite music every morning. However, you might want to research how long a typical pair of headphones lasts before purchasing any wireless or wired headphones.

You could be duped into buying a pair of headphones with a relatively short lifespan due to the abundance of headphones that are flooding the market and the many manufacturers' focus on maximizing profits at the expense of constructed quality.

If properly cared for, a decent set of headphones can last anywhere from three to ten years and even longer. Cheap headphones with a cheap plastic build will last shorter than high-end headphones with a more durable build.

This article will cover a variety of topics, including how long headphones last, why they stop working, what makes them break, and more.

Let's begin right away.

The Average Life Span of a Wireless Headphone

With attentive use, the three-year lifespan of wireless or wired headphones can be increased. Your current type of headphones, how frequently you use them, and how often you clean them—all of these things have an impact on how long they survive.

The various styles of headphones are listed here.

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Do Over-ear Headphones Cause Pain?


Even though I would like to use headphones or earbuds while sleeping, it is not possible, particularly since current over-the-ear headphones can still feel awkward and hurt the ears.

Since everything is agreed upon, let's move on to a more fundamental inquiry: Can over-ear headphones damage your ears?

Yes, wearing headphones (or earbuds) improperly can cause damage to your ears. You risk developing ear pain, as well as a variety of other issues like migraines, ear infections, and permanent hearing loss, if you wear uncomfortable headphones and use them incorrectly for an extended period of time.

As long as you are aware of these issues and are aware of how to fix them, you can thankfully benefit from the enhanced listening experience that many headphones offer.

Are Over-ear Headphones Harmful to Your Ears?

Headphones, not speakers, and definitely not earbuds, are, in my opinion, the ideal audio device for listening to music. Earbuds or speakers cannot yet match the degree of fidelity provided by headphones, at least not yet.

Headphones do have a negative side, though. Unlike speakers or earbuds, most headphones—especially the cheap ones that are overrunning the market—are painful to use and are quite uncomfortable.

Wearing headphones is more difficult than it seems for a number of reasons, especially for a beginner. As a result, I want to discuss the causes of discomfort and earache in this part.

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How to Fall Asleep While Wearing Headphones?


Sleeping while using headphones or earphones is not as simple. It's hard to fall asleep and get a decent night's sleep, especially when you have two earcups or little plastic pieces protruding out from your ears, as everyone who tried this (and I mean purposefully tried this instead of just passing out) knows.

However, this raises the issue of how I can sleep peacefully while using headphones.

If you can manage to lie on your back, you can sleep while wearing headphones. Additionally, you can get more supportive pillows or specialized sleeping headphones. Unfortunately, sleeping with headphones involves more subtlety, so this "superhuman feat" might not be for everyone.

How to Sleep With Headphones on?

As I previously stated, it is difficult to try to go to sleep while wearing headphones and listening to music. The ear cups will put too much pressure on your head and press up on the sides of your head, resulting in neck aches, ear pain, and difficulty falling asleep. Even if you were able to go to sleep for a few hours, you might wake up sometimes.

Therefore, you won't get enough good sleep if you don't get comfy and utilize appropriate headphones or earbuds. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce pain and get a good night's sleep while listening to soothing music.

1. Utilize slumber-friendly earphones

You could always purchase a pair of specially designed sleeping headphones if you're ready to spend a bit more money. The problem with these specialized gadgets is that they don't provide high-quality sound. Additionally, they perform terribly when it comes to ambient noise isolation.

Specialized headphones for sleepers come in a variety of designs. These include speaker pillows, low-profile sleeping earbuds, bone conduction headphones, and headband headphones. Even with a conventional pillow, these specialized devices are always more secure and comfy for sleeping, but their use is limited, and you won't benefit much from them. They are only helpful if you want to stay asleep, in other words.

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Is It Looks Stupid to Wear Over-Ear Headphones?


More and more people today are worried about how the world perceives them and whether or not they are classified as "weird" by society. People often wear enormous, bulky headphones to maximize sound quality, but doing so may draw attention from the younger audience or make youngsters chuckle as you pass by.

But are loud, noticeable headphones truly inappropriate for wearing in public? Many individuals agree that wearing headphones might make you appear odd or foolish, but some disagree and advise you to wear headphones that you enjoy.

Everyone can tell that huge headphones are not the most covert option that people choose to wear outside of their houses, even if they can frequently offer a lot higher quality when worn in a bustling metropolis, on a crowded bus, or when walking alongside a roadway with cars and trucks rushing by.

Ear buds just cannot compare to the depth and richness of music that a good pair of big headphones can provide.

Ear buds' greatest advantage is their absolute discretion; in many circumstances, onlookers won't even notice you are wearing them.

Why Do Over-Ear Headphones Look Stupid?

It actually depends on how you feel about them and yourself. Rock those headphones if you don't mind the looks and are more interested in enhanced sound quality.

However, earbuds might be a better choice for you if you prefer to maintain a low profile and avoid making a big deal about the fact that you are wearing headphones. All you need to do is wear your earbuds appropriately.

How Others Perceive You?

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How to Wear Headphones Comfortably While Wearing Glasses?


It doesn't matter if you have the best-sounding headphones if you can't wear them comfortably. When wearing headphones for extended periods of time, people who wear glasses may have headaches or irritated temples. I'll give you some advice in this post on how to wear your headphones and glasses comfortably.

Without further ado, here are 8 comfortable ways to wear your glasses with headphones.

1. Lift the Arms of the Glasses Above the Headphones

You should try this technique if it does not interfere with the magnification of your magnifying glass or if you don't mind appearing a little silly. Simply raise the arms of your glasses so they are not in contact with the headphones. Put on your over-ear headphones first, then your slightly upward-tilted spectacles.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that tilting your glasses will change their pantoscopic tilt. Normal tilt is regarded as falling between 0 and 12 degrees or between 3 and 7 degrees. Your eyesight may get aberrated if you tilt too much because you are not seeing your prescription properly. Stop and try another option if your vision becomes blurry or if you begin to feel uncomfortable while doing this.

2. Modify the Clamping Force of Your Headphones

How snugly a pair of headphones will fit against your face depends on their clamping force. On the sides of your head, a headphone with a powerful clamping force puts a lot of pressure. The pressure will increase if you are wearing glasses and a headphone with a strong clamping force. This is due to the forced insertion of the glasses' arms into the skull, which, after a few minutes, gets uncomfortable.

It will take some time for new headphones to feel comfortable. There are several methods for reducing a headphone's clamping pressure more quickly. Find a huge box or ball that is about the same size as your head or a little bigger. Place the headset on the box or ball and let it sit for a day or two to stretch. Some headphones, which often have a metal or aluminum headband, let you manually adjust them by slightly bending them.

To prevent accidentally destroying the headset, proceed cautiously before attempting to loosen the clamp. Alternatively, you can read this article first.

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Is it Possible to Wear Headphones All Day?


While it's possible to wear headphones all day, it's not always a good idea. Extended usage may cause pain and damage to your hearing.

I understand what it's like to lose oneself in a podcast, work call, or piece of music while wearing headphones nonstop. Have you ever considered the potential harm that a day-long use of headphones could be doing to your ears?

One morning, when I reached for my headphones, I wondered about this. Your favourite songs' comfort can have a double-edged effect, increasing the risk of issues including ear fatigue, hearing loss, and even physical discomfort.

This blog post will discuss the common affection that many of us have for our headphones, the risks that come with using them all day, and some useful advice for maintaining healthy ears.

7 Advantages of Wearing Headphones the Whole Day

There are several unexpected advantages to wearing headphones all day that can improve your quality of life. It's not just about enjoying your favourite music. Let's take a deeper look:

1. Increase output

When it comes to increasing productivity, wearing headphones can be a game-changer. I feel like I can instantly connect with my work when I put on my headphones, and the outside distractions seem to disappear.

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How to Put on Headphones Properly for Maximum Comfort and Performance?


Say you're excited to test out a new pair of headphones that you recently purchased. Even if you're wearing headphones, something doesn't feel quite right. You experience some discomfort—not enough to cause pain, but enough to be obvious and bothersome enough to draw your attention away.

As a result, you frequently find yourself fiddling with your headphones to acquire a better fit, but even then, you frequently have to prevent them from slipping off your head.

As absurd as it may seem, a lot of people have this problem, particularly when using headphone models they are unfamiliar with. This usually happens when you don't wear your headphones correctly.

For that reason, this post will act as a guide to help you use your headphones appropriately so that you can enjoy the maximum level of comfort and keep your device's full functionality. We'll also go over some pointers that you should remember to make yourself comfortable when listening to music or working out.

What Makes Proper Headphone Wearing Important?

Trying to watch a movie or fully immerse yourself in your favourite song while having to continually readjust your headphones—can you picture either scenario? It doesn't sound like the most perfect situation, does it?

Just a few of the issues that may arise from improper headphone wear are listed here.

However, that is not where it ends. When headphones are worn incorrectly, they can cause headaches and even cause pain or discomfort in your ears. Whether you wear your headphones the wrong way or not, the wire might impede your movement, which can be problematic whether you are working out or going for a run.

You may be thinking, and you would be correct, that it would be nearly impossible to enjoy oneself in these situations.

Because of this, using your headphones properly can significantly enhance your whole listening experience. Not only can wearing headphones properly maximise the experience of the music you're listening to, but it can also maximise the benefits of the headphones themselves.

Since you'll be utilising your headphones as the designers intended, wearing them correctly will contribute to their longevity and upkeep. Because a suitable fit guarantees a more stable seal for superior sound isolation and breathability based on the headphone design, you can also expect greater sound quality from the headphones.

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Which Type of Headphones Is Better: In-Ear or Over-Ear?


Earphones have evolved over the past several years from being the red-headed kid of the audio world to an essential piece of fashion jewelry. More earphones are available now than at any other point in recent memory.

First and foremost, you should choose if you want in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear earbuds while browsing for some new headphones. There are focus areas and obstacles in everything.

At Hatton, we believe that each of these types of earbuds has its own time and place. Examining each style and talking about how it behaves in the three key areas of conveyability, comfort, and execution are important.

In-Ear Headphones

Occasionally referred to as "earbuds" or headphones, in-ear earphones are arguably the most popular type of earphone available today. The white "earpods" that are included in the box with every new iPhone have turned them into a must-have accessory. The typical undergrad probably makes sure they have their keys, wallet, phone, and earbuds before heading out the door to class.


In terms of compactness, in-ear earphones stand out the most due to their small size. There are many who come with a carrying bag, but for some people, it's just a matter of folding the string over their fingers a few times and throwing them into their pocket or rucksack.

In any event, tangling can be a problem, so look for in-ear headphones with tangle-free cords.

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How to Avoid Your Ears Getting Hot from Headphones?


If you want to stream music in solitude without compromising on audio quality, headphones are an excellent device. When shopping for a decent pair of headphones, you should consider the materials, the specifications, the sound quality, and other factors. However, the most important thing to consider is whether or not you want to wear headphones with a strong clamping force, which will guarantee that they stay in place while you work out or commute.

Your ears may feel hot and sweaty if you wear headphones for extended periods of time, such as when watching a movie. This is more likely to happen if you are wearing over-ear headphones, which completely cover your ears. Thus, the question is: Is there a way to prevent headphones from burning your ears?

Using on-ear headphones, changing the earpads on your headphones, wearing open-back headphones, buying loose-fitting headphones, or just using earbuds on hot days are some ways to reduce the likelihood of your ears feeling overheated.

We'll discuss the causes of hot ears when using headphones in this post, along with some solutions to avoid getting hot ears while wearing headphones.

Why Do Your Headphones Cause My Ears to Heat Up?

1. Securing power

For any headphones available on the market, the clamping force of a headset is essential. The ability of a headphone to clamp guarantees its customers that the device will remain in place whether they are exercising or traveling throughout the city. Headphone producers must, however, stress the need for appropriate force because too little effort will cause the headphones to fall out of your ears rapidly, and too much pressure will result in extremely tight headphones that will heat up your ears and put a great deal of pressure on your head.

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